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Sales Execution & Acceleration

Drive sales plays and sales initiatives at unprecedented scale.

Sales Acceleration Integrated Services

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."

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Capture New Deals

Scalando gamifies and encourages leads and deal sharing from the community. Quickly build an additional lead flow into your business.

Whether it is sales and technical team members, customers and partners, all come by new potential business opportunities for your business every day.

Drive Sales Promotions

Promotions and sales incentives form part of most GTM and sales campaigns.

Scalando Promo Manager secures you get the right promotions and incentives to the right people allowing you to maximize their impact on your business.

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Build A Win Repository

Scalando wins sharing and wins library is letting you extract the knowledge about how you win deals and share the insight with the wider team in a structured way.

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Sales Play Execution
Pervasive Gamification & Awards

Drive revenue growth with the Sales Play Engine. What to Know, What to Say, What to Show and What to share. All in one beautiful and intuitive user experience.

No coding needed and with extremely granular audience control for targeted sales execution at ease.

Increase engagement and motivation with Scalando integrated Gamification framework to build learner engagement, and to boost perceptions and attitudes to develop skills through a practical, applied, and thoroughly hands-on approach to learning.

Boost your seller journey with additional Scalando

Scalando provides significant capabilities and, importantly, serves as a single pane of glass for the internal or external audience to locate training offers, promotions, value services, and events.

Audience Engagement 

Engage with and learn from your teams and partners. Leverage the full-blown Survey and Poll platform.

Audience Control & Governance

Target and secure content to specific audiences, companies, partners, profiles and geographies.

Sales Enablement & Continous Learning

Deliver a best of breed and holistic learning & enablement experience to accelerate your business.

Integrations & Automation

Connect Scalando with many hundreds of cloud apps and other services to share data or trigger actions.

Communication & Social Media

Reap the benefits of limitless and consistent social media amplification through your extended community.

Company, Team & Seller Analytics 

Unbelievable analytics and insight available to every user. Partners, Partner Managers and Leadership

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