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Why enablement is, and always will be at the core of any Partner GTM strategy

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” Aristotle

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

There are countless quotes on the importance of learning and building knowledge, and for a good reason. Research has shown several times the knowledge buildings positive consequences. Within our own industry the importance of channel partner enablement is evident. Effective partner enablement directly correlates with business success.

However, as Aristotle pointed out about 2400 years ago it is not always fun, engaging, and top of everyone’s priority list to learn something new, but the rewards are substantial.

Partner sales all start with enablement and education. Not only of your partners, but also through purposeful influence of the end customers.

It comes down to a simple causal effect; With Knowledge you will get the Confidence to take the Risk of opening a new dialogue with a potential customer or purchase new technology.

Would you expect your referral, resale, and influence partners to effortlessly and successfully position your solution without a base level of knowledge? If they try without it will not be with confidence and for sure the prospect will walk away.

There is an urgent need for most companies to re-think and re-design their partner enablement strategy. Simplifying and optimizing for a hybrid work world.

Unfortunately, the average quality of Technology and SaaS companies’ partner training and enablement offering is well below what one should expect.

As Partnership Leaders we know and understand the importance of training and enablement, yet many of us choose a tech stack providing non or limited enablement capability.

Time is now to revisit your partner and ecosystem enablement strategy.

Reach out to us for a discussion and learn the best practices we see emerging in the market.

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