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Scalando Joins Partnership Leaders in the Launch of Industry’s First Ecosystem Catalog

New York January, 2022 -- Partnership Leaders recently launched their Ecosystem Catalog, featuring Scalando as a vetted organization. The group, focused on supporting the growth of partnerships at technology companies, has launched the catalog to help these companies scale their partner programs with powerful tools and service providers in the industry.

Today, there are more than 200 thoroughly vetted organizations included in the Ecosystem Catalog, including industry leader, Scalando. All included organizations have been hand-curated to ensure they’ve reached a baseline level of traction in the market.

Partnerships have proven to be a powerful way for organizations of various sizes to grow and better serve their customers. As companies continue to seek optimal investments to grow their partner programs, Scalando with their unique PRM & Ecosystem Management Platform will be powerful resources to leverage.

“We are excited to join forces and partner with Partnership Leaders. Partnership Leaders is on a mission to Empower Partnership Professionals which aligns perfectly with our mission to Unleash the Power of every Partner & Ecosystem Community.

With our Next-Gen PRM and Ecosystem Platform we help partnership professionals every day to an easier life and to outperforming their growth targets. We are looking forward to a continued strong partnership with Partnership Leaders to the benefit of our customers and all partnership professionals out there”

– Eirik Gyllensten Bjornsen Co-Founder & CEO

Partnership Leaders members will enjoy discounts to specific partner software and service providers, such as Scalando.

The Partnership Leaders Ecosystem Catalog featuring Scalando is now live and publicly accessible here:

About Scalando Scale your Business! Ideal for every Technology and SaaS company on a mission to scale with their ecosystem, partners, and sales communities.

With Scalando your ecosystem, partners, and sales communities will enjoy a unique and tailored experience designed to spur them into executing your strategy and acquiring the capabilities and skills you need to grow in the future.

About Partnership Leaders

Partnership Leaders is an exclusive mastermind group where partnership professionals from technology companies go to ask questions, get answers, collaborate with others, attend exclusive events, access resources, and more. Prospective members can apply now for consideration.

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