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Decoupling of Enablement and Sales Acceleration. Never Again!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

More than 50% of partnerships fail due to poor partner enablement and experience and enablement.

86% of partners choose vendors based on the experience they deliver.

Proper enablement increases deal velocity by 28%.

The list of proof-points goes on and on about the importance of driving the right enablement and delivering an engaging experience.

Unfortunately, most companies cheat themselves from reaping the full impact they should get from their partners and ecosystem.

One primary driver for this is the decoupling of enablement, engagement and sales acceleration.

Have you put yourself in the shoes of your partner?

A typical journey goes like this:

  1. You go to a “portal”, Google Drive, website or something similar to get access to information about the product you are going to sell. You find yourself looking through a lot of irrelevant content and often in several languages before you might find what you need. This because the “portal” does not have a solid audience, profile and journey control so you are presented with a lot of irrelevant information.

  2. To go through a certification or learning journey you are then sent off to a different experience built on either a best of breed LMS system, but more commonly on a combination of old CMS systems coupled together with outdated SCORM packages.

  3. To get the latest news and updates from the company who’s products you are selling you go to their website but does not find what is interesting to you as a partner.

  4. You end up pinging an email to your Partner Account manager (if you are lucky enough to have one) and gets a ppt and a few pdfs.

  5. You want to learn from customer wins of others, but only find a few not relevant use cases publicly available.

  6. To see if there are any promos you got to the vendors promo page looking through what might be relevant to you.

  7. Trying to register a deal after a successful pitch to a prospect you are back in the “portal” to register the deal.

  8. And the list goes on and on…..

The partner journey is completely broken and the experience you deliver is not personalized, relevant or scalable.

Similarly, the system decoupling accelerates the business initiative decoupling as well. As a partner professional you try your very best, the result ids however often a set of stand-alone initiatives. Great stand-alone training courses. Great account mapping. Great incentive….

The missing piece is bringing it together. Working with designing, building and scaling sales and partner GTM initiatives for decades we have experienced first-hand that the only really successful initiatives is those where you deliberately and diligently bring enablement, engagement and sales acceleration together. You need to make it as easy as humanly possible for your partners to execute. Otherwise, it will not happen. Not because of ill will, but because your partners are busy and have a choice.

Bringing together enablement, engagement and sales acceleration is the only way to drive true GTM initiative success. This is not new and as seasoned business leaders you already know it. The challenge is the tech stack available to help you do so. It is not fit for purpose…

Bringing together a highly relevant, personal journey spanning all the elements of a go-to-market motion for all your partners becomes the imperative. You cannot break the experience. Investing in a leading “Partner Relationship Management” PRM Platform will not help you as they are built on a legacy mind-set and not tackling your challenge of bringing enablement, engagement and sales acceleration together.

You will never be able to successfully scale and reap the full benefits of your partner community before you get the right technology to help you do so.

At Scalando we condensed decades of experience with partner, ecosystem, GTM-initiatives, enablement and sales acceleration and built the next gen partner and ecosystem platform for unleashing the power of your execution community at scale.

Time is now to revisit your partner and ecosystem GTM strategy execution.

Reach out to us for a discussion and learn the best practices we see emerging in the market and get a demo of what Scalando can do for you.

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