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Integrations & Workflow Automation

Achieve more and focus on driving additional sales.

Integration & Workflow Automation Integrated Services

"You automate to amplify the human."

Connect with thousands of cloud apps and other services

The  Scalando Zapier connector allows you connect Scalando with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most, no code required.

Use Zapier with Scalando to automatically capture information from other apps you use and send them directly to Scalando. Or the other way around: Enable Scalando to send out signals as you work through your courses, leads, customer wins, etc. so information in your other apps stays up to date.

By not having to manually update your CRM, or update sales teams using Slack or any other collaboration tool, you can focus on closing more deals and building more connections.


Boost your seller journey with additional Scalando

Scalando provides significant capabilities and, importantly, serves as a single pane of glass for the internal or external audience to locate training offers, promotions, value services, and events.

Audience Engagement 

Engage with and learn from your teams and partners. Leverage the full-blown Survey and Poll platform.

Sales Execution & Acceleration

Drive sales plays and sales initiatives at unprecedented scale. Scalando offers a full sales play engine.

Sales Enablement & Continous Learning

Deliver a best of breed and holistic learning & enablement experience to accelerate your business.

Audience Control & Governance

Target and secure content to specific audiences, companies, partners, profiles and geographies.

Communication & Social Media

Reap the benefits of limitless and consistent social media amplification through your extended community.

Company, Team & Seller Analytics 

Unbelievable analytics and insight available to every user. Partners, Partner Managers and Leadership.

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